MED-Q Smart Pill box can Eliminate Medication Errors

Finally, an "All-In-One" Pill Reminder, Pill dispenser and Pill Box with Alarms that keeps Loved Ones Safe and Independent


The Brilliant LITE-BOX Technology will Flash Only the Compartment holding that times Pills. No decisions means no mistakes with Life Saving Medications.


The Your Alarm has been designed to get Louder & Louder until the pills have been taken. The smart design will not startle the user, but will be heard.


Miss a pill??? No worries. The Genius MED-Q will repeat it's 5 minute alarm cycle every 30 minutes. This will continue until the pills are taken.

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1 Daily Reminder

- Fill Every Two Weeks-  MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder is your answer. Old Fashion Pillboxes don't remind and guide. Telephone reminders are ineffective and frustrating. Post-Notes and Pill Alarm Clock/Smart Phones Apps just don't work.

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2 Daily Reminders

-Fill every 1 Week- Designed to prevent medication mistakes and accidents. The RN inspired design was created to prevent medication errors. AUDIO/LITE-BOX Combination keeps  Loved Ones Safe and Independent.

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4 Daily Reminders

- Fill Every 1 Week- Over 125,000 people die each year from medication errors.  MED-Q Smart pill reminder can keep 25% of all seniors out of assisted living.  10% of all hospital visits can be avoided with the MED-Q smart medication reminder

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Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Flashing LED LITE-BOX

The #1 best pill dispenser with alarm is the smart pill reminder.

Blasting Alarms 

  • The Smart Pill Organizer has an alarm that gets Louder and Louder.  The Best Pill Reminder is perfect for the Hearing Impaired.


  • Miss a Pill, No Problem. The Smart Pill box repeats it’s alarms until Pills have been taken. The #1  Pill Organizer with alarms!

The Best Pill Reminder with Flashing Guides 

Of course a smart pill reminder with alarms saves thousands in assisted living costs.   The Best Pill reminder with alarms was created so family and friends could stay at home.  Moreover Med-Q gives Loved One’s the Quality of Life as well as Independence they so deserve in their Golden Years.

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Med-Q is the Perfect Addition to Your Product Line.  Private Labeling is available

Clip Art Media Images and Videos

Med-Q will provide custom imagery to help you present the MED-Q to your Customers.