The MED-Q Story

Every idea has a beginning, and our's came out of the Emergency Room.  RN's would get patients healthy and send them home.  The problem, in 2-3 weeks they would be back in the ER because of Medication Errors.  The pain and suffering, physically, emotionally as well as financial needed to be solve.  Old Fashion Pill boxes were just not getting the job done.  Something had to be done to solve the crisis.

photoshop3 white medQ

The MED-Q Solution

First, we needed to design a medication compliance system that looked just like their "OLD PILL BOX".  That was the first challenge.

Second, the audio alarms needed to accomidate seniors hearing.

Third, we needed a reminder system taht could nopt be ignored.


Fourth, we needed to take away the decision of "WHICH PILLS"  &  "WHAT DAY IS IT"

The brilliant design looks just like the pill box that they are use to.  The alarms get louder and louder so they don't get scared,  but can be heard through out the home.  The repeating alarm brought our com-pliancy rates into the very high 90%'s